You can implement frequently used human resource ideas thanks to the short-term Proficiency Certificate in Human Resource Management programme. You will gain a fundamental knowledge of human resource management and learn how to implement the ideas that are currently necessary in firms. In the current environment, HR has a significant function to play in relation to performance management and related details like employee development and remuneration. As a professional, you should be aware of the expectations placed on the company and how they can be best matched with the evolving needs of the workforce. You gain a comprehensive understanding of aligning human resources with the business strategies thanks to the variety of themes covered in this certification.The training will also be beneficial for those who are eager to use their expertise in human resource management as independent contractors.

Programme Objectives

  • Examine how business strategy and HR management are related.
  • Apply and review performance frameworks.
  • Create, refine, and administer compensation policies.
  • implement and assess training packages.

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Elementary & Specialisation CoursesEligibility Criteria

Elementary Course: Human Resource Management

Applicable for candidates applying under the eligibility criteria D

Specialisation courses: 

  1.  Performance Administration
  2. Strategic Management of Human Resources
  3. Management of Compensation and Rewards
  4. Educating and Developing

Fee Structure

  • Programme Fee: INR 27,500 (including GST).
  • 10% of the total amount, including GST, must be paid at the time of registration.
  • During the Enrollment Process: Fee for the remaining 90% (including GST)

* No refund allowed after one week of enrolment.

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  • After the sessions are over, the participant must complete all of the assignments in one sitting within fifteen days.
  • There will be 30 questions on the assignment, each worth one mark. The student must receive 12 out of 30 or 40% on the assignment to pass.

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