Knowledge of the many management disciplines is desired for top management roles. Your role in managing the company grows significantly as you go up the organisational hierarchy. To deliver efficiently, you must be familiar with the current management practises. Similar to this, understanding management theories and best practises would aid in enhancing an organization's performance if you are running your own business. So, by industry experts and working managers, the executive PGDM programme at IMT CDL is the most sought-after programme for better career possibilities and learning how to fulfil the tasks diligently.

Executive PGDM: Is It Good?

IMT CDL's executive PGDM is a thorough curriculum that provides you with the understanding and application of functional business domains. The program's curriculum is industry-focused and benchmarked against those of international management universities. The executive PGDM is made to help students learn how to solve problems, think critically, and undertake strategic analysis. Your leadership abilities will improve thanks to the programme. The programme helps you advance professionally by developing your all-around professional skills and functional area competence.

The executive PGDM curriculum at Organization offers you freedom in your learning thanks to its distant learning format. Along with pursuing your career or managing your firm, you have the chance to improve your management abilities. The course materials are available anytime, anywhere, and allow for self-paced learning. In virtual classrooms, you can engage with distinguished academic members and take part in discussion forums. You can always see videos of faculty members' recorded sessions.

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Who May Select an Executive PGDM?

The organization executive PGDM programme is geared for candidates from manufacturing and service industries. It is designed for managers who are actively working and have at least five (5) years of full-time job experience after graduation. You can work as:

  • A professional working for a private or public entity
  • owner of a small or medium business

How can I apply for the Executive PGDM?

The organization website as well as Head Office both have the  admission forms. You have two options for applying: online or in person at IMT CDL's headquarters. On the IMT CDL website, you can submit your application and pay your tuition online.

Fully filled enrollement form with the D.D of the required amount in the name of the organization,payable to the office  will be submitted at the Admission-Co-ordinator

Along with the required document you should fill the form:

  • Two passport size photographs
  • Xerox-copy of the Degree or the final year marksheet
  • Xerox-copy of class 10th passing certificate for verification of date of birth of the student and father’s name
  • Xerox-copy of the class 12th passing certificate
  • For ID Proof   submit Xerox-copy any of the following document like Aadhar Card/Driving License/Passport
  • Experience Certificate
  • In case of concession  of defence person,SC/ST, war widows as well as physically disabled person you have to subbmit the Xerox-copy of the document for verification.

Which Executive PGDM Specialisation Is Best?

All specialisations are relevant, but you must base your choice on your needs. You can choose an Executive PGDM programme specialisation area based on your needs or programming goals. You can choose the same specialty if you want to improve or excel in your existing functional area. However, you can choose a speciality that is distinct from your current functional area if you want to develop cross-functional competence.

Each specialisation area comprises of courses that will enrich your understanding to deliver effectively and improve your career prospects.

Executive Postgraduate Diploma in Finance

Managers of businesses are increasingly expected to oversee their profit areas. The Executive PGDM in Financial Management gives you financial knowledge and develops your ability to assess business performance. The courses address financial theories essential for developing one's career in finance. With the knowledge you gain from this specialism, you will be able to analyse financial statements and evaluate performance. Assessing financial markets and services, company risk, and business valuation is desirable for a finance expert. As a result, the courses are created to impart knowledge on business assessment, risk and service management in the financial sector, corporate restructuring, and banking procedures.

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Executive PGDM In Marketing

Industry professionals who want to flourish in the field of marketing can meet their needs with the Executive PGDM in Marketing. The curriculum aids in your comprehension of consumer behaviour, which facilitates the development of marketing plans for connecting with the target market. creating measurements of service quality to win and keep consumer loyalty. The program's practical learnings include an evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of customer service offerings. Your conceptual grasp of creating effective advertising plan will improve after taking a course on digital marketing. In order to create an effective distribution network, you will learn about channel and distribution ideas. Finding new markets and developing items that appeal to your target market's tastes are both made possible by marketing research.

Executive PGDM In Business Analytics

You will acquire technical skills for making management decisions and taking action based on solid facts with the Executive PGDM in Business Analytics. It will assist you in comprehending, interpreting, and analysing data so that you can make strategic judgements. You will benefit from the program's assistance in developing data-driven decision-making for actual business settings. You will gain knowledge and skills in a variety of areas, including as business simulation, forecasting, statistical analysis, and business simulation.

Executive PGDM In Operations

You will gain knowledge of operations in service and manufacturing organisations with the Executive PGDM in Operations Management. You will be able to visualise and integrate processes throughout the supply chain to guarantee timely and effective delivery to the clients. With sufficient understanding of the operating procedures and processes, higher productivity and cost efficiency can be maintained. Operational strategy can be essential in a globalised environment to achieve a competitive advantage by utilising expertise to build global and sustainable value chains. The training improves project management and quality management abilities.

Executive PGDM In Human Resource Management

The Executive PGDM in Human Resource Management Programme broadens your conceptual understanding and offers a practical viewpoint on managing human resources. You will understand the fundamentals of coordinating your organization's human resources with its business plan as an HR professional. The management of employee relations has become essential given the current focus on emotional intelligence. You will be able to understand how to train and develop staff members. Your ability to manage HR efficiently will be honed through theoretical perspectives on compensation and performance management and their application.

What Sets the Executive PGDM Apart From the PGDM?

The IMT CDL's Executive PGDM curriculum is intended for working professionals, managers, and executives. The requirements of top level management professionals are taken into consideration when designing courses. The Executive PGDM curriculum at IMT CDL is a 15-month course that equips students to advance in their functional areas of interest. In contrast, the IMT CDL's PGDM is a two-year degree that helps students to develop a comprehensive understanding of management principles and procedures. Both recent graduates and working professionals are welcome to apply. However, it is not required for PGDM candidates to have a minimum of five years of work experience.

Is the Executive PGDM the same as the MBA?

The IMT CDL's Executive PGDM programme is structured similarly to other MBA programmes for working people. According to the terminology accepted by the regulatory organisation, it is known as Executive PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management). The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has acknowledged IMT CDL as an Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Institute. The certifications granted through the ODL (Open and Distance Learning) mode are equivalent to the respective degrees, diplomas, and certificates granted by the nation's established traditional universities. The degree received through ODL and online modes is equivalent to the degree obtained through traditional modes.

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Career Options And Job Opportunities For Executive PGDM

Both the public and private sectors accept the Executive PGDM programme provided by IMT CDL. The qualification is taken into consideration by both public and private sector organisations for career growth and employment. You obtain knowledge to succeed in businesses that provide both manufacturing and services. You gain from functional area excellence since it gives you the chance to work as a management consultant there. The training also aids in the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Which Career After an Executive PGDM is Best?

The Executive PGDM programme primarily benefits students by allowing them to advance their careers in their functional fields. You obtain knowledge to succeed in businesses that provide both manufacturing and services. You gain from functional area excellence since it gives you the chance to work as a management consultant there. The training also aids in the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Top Executive PGDM Recruiters

Since working individuals typically enrol in PGDM executive programmes, most graduates strive for advancement inside their own organisations. Some working professionals choose new chances in different domains or search for senior management roles with several domains under their purview in addition to adding new management specialisations to their current roles. One of the common combinations is marketing and human resources, or finance and human resources. Executive programmes are also sponsored by organisations; in these circumstances, participants must stay with their current employers and frequently get professional advancement, new responsibilities, and an increase in their pay package depending on the function they have

Does Executive PGDM Apply To Government Positions?

The certifications granted by the ODL mode of education are "...automatically recognised for the purpose of employment in posts and services under the Central Government, provided they have been approved by the UGC and wherever necessary by AICTE for which it is the regulatory authority," according to the gazette notification of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (Department of Higher Education) dated August 27, 2018. The Executive PGDM programme at IMT CDL is delivered in ODL mode and has received the necessary AICTE approval.

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